Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Beauty Review :: Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

I've always been a Maybelline Mascara user. I've tried quite a few different ones, and have never been amazed by them, but always use them as they are pretty good and a reasonable price (well, they are in the USA - not so much here). They are generally about $20-$25 here, about $6 in the USA. So unfair!

My mascara was running out, and after a failed attempt to try a Rimmel mascara, Max Factor was having a special for all mascaras for $20 (usually 32).

I bought the shade "Black" and I usually don't buy waterproof mascara, because I prefer that only for special makeup/events. For everyday I like it to come off easily at the end of the day with my makeup wipes rather than having to bother with waterproof makeup remover.

Packaging: It's pretty standard packaging, nothing special. Nice and sleek, with black and gold.

Application: I really like this applicator wand. It;s very sturdy, and the brush bits are quite small and fine, but there are lots of them to provide good coverage and help you get close up to your eye. Also handy for doing the bottom lashes.

Look: These make your eyelashes look really natural, and that's basically all I want in a mascara. Best of all, it doesn't clump together at all.



I will definitely be purchasing this product again. It's a bit of a shame it is $32, so hopefully I will get it on special again once I run out.

So glad I branched out from Maybelline and tried this!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Swatches :: Lipstick Collection & a video!

Today I'm going to do another swatch post, this time with (most of) my lipsticks.

I prefer pink and nude lipsticks, but I have a couple of other ones in there too.

Brands include Lime Crime, Innoxa, Maybelline, Revlon, GOSH, IN2IT, MAC

Starting off with Lime Crime - these lipsticks swatch so well. I want them all. Over the last few years I have collected three of them.

Top: Babette

Middle: Coquette

Bottom: Great Pink Planet

I have reviews of all of these on the blog, click the names above.

But overall these are great, pigmented lipsticks. They can be a little drying, but are definitely my favourites.

I bought these two a couple of years ago, and I haven't actually seen this bran around in a while. The brand is Innoxa.

Left: Baby Doll

Right: Sugar Frosted

These are actually both pretty nice, I'm just not a fan of the texture/formula. The lighter shade is also a bit harder to pull off, you kind of have to mix it with a darker gloss.

Can you even see the one on the left? Nope? Me neither. It's crap. Never use it, might as well put nothing on. These are Maybelline Colorsensational. 

Left: Rose Glimmer

Right: Mango Diamonds

Obviously I don't wear the left one, I don't really wear the one on the right either as it is a bit of an unusual colour, but I think I could use it with neutral makeup/eyes.

Maybelline Color Whisper in Oh La Lilac.

I never use this, I should. The formula is really creamy and the colour is pretty nice. It's got enough colour in it to notice, but it's not so dramatic like the Lime Crime ones.

I think I need to pull this one out a bit more!

This one is a pretty nice formula too. Revlon Colorburst - Creme Brulee.

It's the only colour like this that I have, and I probably don't use it as much as I should.

Left: GOSH Velvet Touch in Sunset. 

It's a pale red/orange colour which is also good with a neutral eyeshadow. It's not to in your face like a dark red lipstick, but enough to emphasis the lips in a look.

Right: IN2IT Moisture Intense Lipstick in Cranberry.

This lives up to it's name, it's very moisturising and not drying at all. It is also a very true cranberry shade. It's like a deep berry colour, and I definitely prefer that over other red shades. This is my go-to bold lipstick.

Left: MAC - Creme d'Nude - the first lipstick (besides lipgloss) that I ever bought. This is my second one, and it was my favourite ever when I bought it the first time. Now, I don't use it too much as it's quite sheer. But it's still really nice if you want to play down your lips.

Right: MAC - Pink Plaid - I actually forgot I had this one. It's a nice bright pink, but isn't too standout like lime Crime. So it is also nice for a more subtle pink.

So my favourites from the above would be Lime Crime Babette, IN2IT Cranberry, MAC Creme d'Nude. The only ones I'm not really a fan of are the Maybelline Coloursensationals, and the Innoxa ones.

Yesterday I uploaded my first ever Youtube video! It's a tutrioal to create a smokey eye look:

I will be uploading more videos. I have filmed one already today, which will be up in the next couple of days - a tutorial on a vibrant Purple eyeshadow look.

I also signed up to Goodiebox a couple of weeks ago, so i will be filming an unboxing of that once it arrives.

Please check it out, and make sure to subscribe:

Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review :: Australis - Velour Lips - To-ki-o

On the weekend I picked up a few new products to try. I have had my eye on both Lime Crime's purple lipsticks for a while, but never bothered to order one.

So when I saw this at Farmers, I decided to give purple a go with a cheaper product first.

This is a matte lip cream from Australis. One of my favourite mid-range/affordable makeup brands. I have pretty much always used Australis for my go-to/everyday eyeliners.

This cost me $17.50 NZD.

So, let's get on with the review!

Packaging: Just your standard lipgloss tube, black lid, simple packaging. Nothing special here.

Value: As above, this cost me $17.50 and is 10ml. Pretty average. not really cheap, but not over-priced either.

Quality/texture: This product applies like a lipgloss, but dries matte. It does fade a bit, and stays slightly darker around the outside of the lips. It is quite sticky once it dries, but didn't make my lips too dry by the end of the day.

Longevity: This lasted really well with no primer for around 3-4 hours, including eating breakfast and drinking a coffee. After that it did fade as above.

Overall: This is an awesomely unique colour. It's great for a few hours, as it would last well if you had an event to go to, rather than an all day look.

I've never tried a matte before, and I wasn't a huge fan of that - but that could be because I'm used to a more glossy looking lip.

I definitely love this colour on me, and would be keen to try out some other colours from this line.


Checkout Australis website: http://www.australiscosmetics.com.au/

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November / Recent Empties

On the weekend I cleaned out my makeup traincase, which was loooong overdue!

I haven't bought as much makeup in the last year or so, so I never bothered cleaning it out to make room for me.

So that changed today, and I went through and found my empties that I was holding onto.

(Then, of course, I went and bought a few more products...more to come on that.)

MAC - Angel Lipstick

I did really like this lipstick, I probably bought it around two years ago. I don't think I would go as far as buying it again, as it is a pretty generic shade. But I used it a lot when I just wanted a simple (and subtle) pink lipstick. 

It suited with my skintone really well.

Canmake - 

A very upsetting almost-empty. I love this lipstick. It was my go to for almost everyday. Perfect for work, or even with a smokey eye look for going out.

The perfect nude.

Unfortunately I bought this on a trip to Japan, so not sure where I can buy it from now (without going back again!)

Eyebrow Pencil

This was the first eyebrow pencil I owned. Only cost me $15 with a re-tractable pencil and brush on the other end.

It was really good, and just from the mall beauty places. Definitely liked this one, and would buy again, but I'm going to try something different next...

Rimmel - Extra Super Lash (Brown/Black)

Not a fan of this one. Not even sure if it is an empty, or just dried out.

It didn't add much length at all to my lashes and was a bit clumpy - my lashes would stick together.

Won't be re-buying this one.

Clinique - Iced Lotus Blush

I love this colour as a blush. My skin is naturally very fair, so cool blushes suit me more than warm ones.

This one was perfect for me, it was quite pigmented so not really for everyday use. Good with a more made-up look.

I didn't actually buy this one, it was given to me from a friend, so I'm not sure how much it retails for.

I think it is one I would buy again though.

Bare Minerals - Fairly Light Mineral Foundation

This has already been replaced. I love this as a powder foundation.

I first tried it when I bought a Bare Minerals Foundation Kitset from Sephora in Hawaii, and I have been using it ever since.

It's so light on your skin, and gives good coverage.
I have to buy it online from www.wowhd.co.nz or I buy it from Mecca Cosmetics when I go to Australia. A little bit inconvenient, compared to what I can get from the shops, but well worth it.

So I'm sad to see a couple of those empties go, but...that means there is room for new products! As mentioned above, I will have some new product reviews soon.